Xamarin Mobile Evolution For Android Cookbook

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Over eighty hands-on recipes to unleash total potential for Xamarin inwards evolution in addition to monetization of feature-packed, real-world Android apps

Xamarin Mobile Development for Android Cookbookon recipes to unleash total potential for Xamarin inwards evolution in addition to monetization of featur Xamarin Mobile Development for Android Cookbook

About This Book

  • Create a break of Android applications using the Xamarin Android platform
  • Extensively integrate your Android devices amongst other Android devices to elevate your app creation experience
  • A comprehensive withdraw packed amongst real-world scenarios in addition to pro-level practices in addition to techniques to attention you lot construct successful Android apps

Who This Book Is For
If you lot are a Xamarin developer who wants to do consummate Android applications amongst Xamarin, in addition to thence this mass is ideal for you. No prior cognition of Android evolution is needed, withal a basic cognition of C# in addition to .NET would last useful.

What You Will Learn

  • Install in addition to purpose Xamarin.Android amongst Xamarin Studio in addition to Visual Studio
  • Design an app’s user interface for multiple device configurations
  • Store in addition to protect information inwards databases, files, in addition to on the cloud
  • Utilize lists in addition to collections to acquaint information to the user
  • Communicate across the network using NFC or Bluetooth
  • Perform tasks inwards the background in addition to update the user amongst notifications
  • Capture in addition to play multimedia, such equally video in addition to audio, amongst the camera
  • Implement In-App Billing in addition to Expansion Files in addition to deploy to the store

In Detail
Xamarin is used yesteryear developers to write native iOS, Android, in addition to Windows apps amongst native user interfaces in addition to portion code across multiple platforms non merely on mobile devices, but on Windows, Mac OS X, in addition to Linux.

Developing apps amongst Xamarin.Android allows you lot to purpose in addition to re-use your code in addition to your skills on dissimilar platforms, making you lot to a greater extent than productive inwards whatever development. Although it’s non a write-once-run-anywhere framework, Xamarin provides native platform integration in addition to optimizations. There is no middleware; Xamarin.Android talks straight to the system, taking your C# in addition to F# code straight to the depression levels.

This mass volition render you lot amongst the necessary cognition in addition to skills to last business office of the mobile evolution era using C#. Covering a broad attain of recipes such equally creating a unproblematic application in addition to using device features effectively, it volition last your companion to the consummate application evolution cycle.

Starting amongst installing the necessary tools, you lot volition last guided on everything you lot demand to railroad train an application cook to last deployed. You volition acquire the best practices for interacting amongst the device hardware, such equally GPS, NFC, in addition to Bluetooth. Furthermore, you lot volition last able to deal multimedia resources such equally photos in addition to videos captured amongst the device camera, in addition to thence much more! By the halt of this book, you lot volition last able to do Android apps equally a resultant of learning in addition to implementing pro-level practices, techniques, in addition to solutions. This mass volition ascertain a seamless in addition to successful app edifice experience.

Style in addition to approach
This mass employs a step-by-step approach to Android app creation, explained inwards a conversational in addition to easy-to-follow style. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 broad attain of examples are listed to ensure a consummate agreement of how to deploy competent apps on the Android market.