What’S Novel Inward Android Studio 2.0

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Android Studio 2.0 is focused on making your workflow faster. Faster builds, faster deployment, faster emulators. Everything. Faster.

As developers whatsoever fourth dimension spent waiting for our IDE to produce something is fourth dimension wasted. Time nosotros could last writing code, fourth dimension that pushes out the terminate of our day, or a intermission that risks dropping us out of the zone.

Android Studio 2.0 includes Instant Run to bring down incremental construct as well as deploy times to seconds, improved sum construct times, a faster as well as to a greater extent than intuitive emulator, as well as a novel GPU profiler to handle brand your games as well as graphics apps performant as well as fault free.

Android Studio 2.0 is immediately available to download:

Find out to a greater extent than well-nigh Android Studio 2.0 characteristic here:

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