Snackbar: The Appropriate Interruption

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A Snackbar is similar to a Toast, merely is to a greater extent than versatile inwards that it is interactive — like offering that undo your user is however searching for. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Snackbar animates upward from the bottom of the covert in addition to the user tin swipe it away — or not. If they create nothing, it volition fourth dimension out on its ain in addition to automatically disappear (like a Toast!).

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Alerts are pretty critical for communicating amongst your user. But it helps to know what is appropriate in addition to therefore that your users don’t abhor you. Fortunately, there’s a uncomplicated answer: role a Snackbar! (

But, for those nuanced cases where y’all desire to conduct betwixt a Toast in addition to a Snackbar, the pattern docs convey pretty much every exceptional y’all could need. ( And if y’all actually similar beingness wrong, there’s e’er a Dialog! (

But you’re amend than that. So endure a amend developer in addition to role the amend choice: Snackbar.

– My weblog postal service of “Android Snackbar instance of Android Design Support Library“.