Reactive Android Programming

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Make the nigh of asynchronous android programming

Reactive Android ProgrammingMake the nigh of asynchronous android programming Reactive Android Programming

About This Book

  • Install in addition to gear upward RxJava for Android development
  • Implement the Reactive prototype for Android programming using RxJava
  • Create cutting border existent basis Android apps amongst Reactive programming.

Who This Book Is For
Are yous an android developer trying to figure out how to purpose reactive prototype for your programming needs? If yep in addition to thus this is the mass for you. No previous noesis of RxJava is required.

What You Will Learn

  • Set upward an surroundings for asynchronous that is reactive Android programming
  • Write custom observables in addition to higher degree abstractions
  • Orchestrating multiple calls using Reactive programming principles
  • Fetch remote fiscal information using RxJava
  • Integrate in addition to procedure Twitter streams gracefully
  • Utilize Reactive programming to prepare interactive in addition to responsive Android apps
  • Create your ain application to follow fiscal stock updates inwards real-time based on selected companies’ symbols
  • Integrate updates from the Twitter for those companies.

In Detail
Writing code on Android is hard. Writing a high lineament code that involves concurrent in addition to parallel tasks is fifty-fifty harder. Ensuring that this code volition move without unforeseen race weather is an the fellowship of magnitude harder. RxJava is the tool that tin plough over the axe aid write code for such tasks.

In this mass a novice developer volition live on introduced to a broad multifariousness of tools that RxJava provides to enable them to create robust in addition to high-quality code for their asynchronous tasks yesteryear edifice a relatively simple(and high quality) application using advanced RxJava techniques to create a high lineament product.

Part 1 of the mass volition atomic number 82 the developer through RxJava’s initial setup inwards Android environment. In Part 2, the reader volition larn RxJava 2.0 step-by-step yesteryear starting off amongst stock information processing in addition to display.The developer volition larn to select appropriate Schedulers in addition to to purpose Retrofit library for remote requests.In Part 3, the reader volition also larn advanced topics such equally adding integration to Twitter to procedure its streaming information yesteryear combining it amongst stock data.

Style in addition to approach
This mass is a footstep yesteryear footstep practical direct which volition essentially instruct yous to laid up, implement, in addition to debug Reactive Android Code amongst ease.