Programming Kotlin

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Familiarize yourself with all of Kotlin’s features with this in-depth guide

Programming Kotlin Familiarize yourself with all of Kotlin Programming Kotlin

About This Book

  • Get a thorough introduction to Kotlin
  • Learn to work Java code amongst Kotlin without whatsoever hiccups
  • Get a consummate overview of cipher safety, Generics, in addition to many to a greater extent than interesting features

Who This Book Is For
The mass is for existing Java developers who desire to acquire to a greater extent than close an option JVM language. If y’all desire to run into what Kotlin has to offer, this mass is ideal for you.

What You Will Learn

  • Use novel features to write structured in addition to readable object-oriented code
  • Find out how to work lambdas in addition to higher guild functions to write clean, reusable, in addition to uncomplicated code
  • Write unit of measurement tests in addition to integrate Kotlin tests with Java code inwards a transitioning code base
  • Write real-world production code inwards Kotlin inwards the agency of microservices
  • Leverage Kotlin’s extensions to the Java collections library
  • Use destructuring expressions in addition to detect out how to write your own
  • Write code that avoids cipher pointer errors in addition to run into how Java-nullable code tin integrate with features inwards a Kotlin codebase
  • Discover how to write functions inwards Kotlin, run into the novel features available, in addition to extend existing libraries
  • Learn to write an algebraic information types in addition to figure out when they should move used

In Detail
Kotlin has been making waves always since it was opened upward sourced past times JetBrains inwards 2011; it has been praised past times developers across the globe in addition to is already beingness adopted past times companies. This mass provides a detailed introduction to Kotlin that shows y’all all its features in addition to volition enable y’all to write Kotlin code to production.

We showtime with the basics: drib dead y’all familiar with running Kotlin code, setting up, tools, in addition to instructions that y’all tin work to write basic programs. Next, nosotros encompass object oriented code: functions, lambdas, in addition to properties – all land using Kotlin’s novel features.

Then, nosotros deed on to cipher security aspects in addition to type parameterization. We present y’all how to destructure expressions in addition to fifty-fifty write your own. We also lead keep y’all through of import topics similar testing, concurrency, microservices, in addition to a whole lot more. By the halt of this mass y’all volition move able to compose dissimilar services in addition to construct your ain applications.

Style in addition to approach
An tardily to follow guide that covers the total laid of features inwards Kotlin programming.