Phonegap 3.X Mobile Application Evolution Hotshot

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Create useful too exciting real-world apps for iOS too Android devices amongst 12 fantastic projects amongst this mass too ebook.

PhoneGap 3.x Mobile Application Development Hotshotworld apps for iOS too Android devices amongst  PhoneGap 3.x Mobile Application Development Hotshot


  • Use PhoneGap 3.x effectively to construct real, functional mobile apps ranging from productivity apps to a uncomplicated arcade game
  • Explore often-used pattern patterns inward apps designed for mobile devices
  • Fully practical, project-based approach to grade y’all the confidence inward developing your app independently

In Detail

PhoneGap allows y’all to utilisation your existing cognition of HTML, CSS, too JavaScript to exercise useful too exciting mobile applications.

This mass volition introduce y’all amongst 12 exciting projects that volition innovate y’all to the dynamic basis of app evolution inward PhoneGap. Starting amongst their pattern too next through to their completion, y’all volition educate real-world mobile applications. Each app uses a combination of heart too someone PhoneGap technologies, plugins, too diverse frameworks roofing the necessary concepts y’all tin utilisation to exercise many to a greater extent than keen apps for mobile devices.

What y’all volition larn from this book

  • Explore localization too globalization
  • Create, save, too think information using persistent device storage
  • Record well using a microphone
  • Capture images too video using a camera
  • Share content to social media networks
  • Optimize your app for tablet-sized devices
  • Locate the user’s device using geolocation
  • Interact amongst the accelerometer to exercise a fun arcade game
  • Use heart too someone too third-party plugins to extend PhoneGap
  • Look at mobile application pattern patterns


Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 practical conduct written inward a tutorial-style, this mass walks y’all step-by-step through 12 private projects to exercise existent basis apps. Each projection moves through pattern too implementation of the app, too likewise provides suggestions to heighten it.

Who this mass is written for

If y’all are a mobile developer who is familiar amongst Phonegap basics too wants to chop-chop exercise roughly cool mobile applications amongst Phonegap, this mass is for you. You should bring roughly sense working amongst JavaScript, HTML, CSS, too likewise locomote able to utilisation your operating system’s command-line interface. No sense amongst Java, C#, or Objective C is required.