Opencv Android Programming Past Times Example

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Develop vision-aware too intelligent Android applications alongside the robust OpenCV library

OpenCV Android Programming By Exampleaware too intelligent Android applications alongside the robust OpenCV library OpenCV Android Programming By Example

About This Book

  • This is the most up-to-date majority on OpenCV Android programming on the marketplace at the moment. There is no straight contest for our title.
  • Based on a technology scientific discipline that is increasing inwards popularity, proven past times activity inwards forums related to this topic.
  • This majority uniquely covers applications such every bit the Panoramic viewer too Automatic Selfie, amidst others.

Who This Book Is For
If you lot are an Android developer too desire to know how to implement vision-aware applications using OpenCV, thus this majority is definitely for you.

It would hold out really helpful if you lot empathise the basics of picture processing too reckoner vision, only no prior sense is required

What You Will Learn

  • Identify too install all the elements needed to get-go edifice vision-aware Android applications
  • Explore picture representation, colored too gray scale
  • Recognize too apply convolution operations too filtering to bargain alongside noisy data
  • Use dissimilar shape analysis techniques
  • Extract too position involvement points inwards an image
  • Understand too perform object detection
  • Run native reckoner vision algorithms too scope performance boosts

In Detail
Starting from the basics of reckoner vision too OpenCV, we’ll stimulate got you lot all the agency to creating exciting applications. You volition uncovering that, though reckoner vision is a challenging subject, the ideas too algorithms used are unproblematic too intuitive, too you lot volition appreciate the abstraction layer that OpenCV uses to create the heavy lifting for you. Packed alongside many examples, the majority volition assist you lot empathise the principal information structures used inside OpenCV, too how you lot tin purpose them to scope performance boosts. Next nosotros volition speak over too purpose several picture processing algorithms such every bit histogram equalization, filters, too color infinite conversion. You thus volition acquire close picture gradients too how they are used inwards many shape analysis techniques such every bit border detection, Hough Line Transform, too Hough Circle Transform. In add-on to using shape analysis to uncovering things inwards images, you lot volition acquire how to clit objects inwards images inwards a to a greater extent than robust agency using dissimilar characteristic detectors too descriptors.

By the destination of this book, you lot volition hold out able to brand intelligent decisions using the famous Adaboost learning algorithm.

Style too approach
An easy-to-follow tutorial packed alongside hands-on examples. Each topic is explained too placed inwards context, too the majority supplies sum details of the concepts used for added proficiency.