Migrating To Android For Ios Developers

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Migrating to Android for iOS Developers gives you—as an experienced native iOS app developer—the skills to larn native Android apps evolution from scratch. Starting amongst preparing your Android integrated evolution surroundings in addition to introducing simply plenty Android application framework fundamentals, you’ll empathize how to exercise a elementary but meaningful HelloAndroid projection immediately.

Migrating to Android for iOS Developers Migrating to Android for iOS Developers gives you lot Migrating to Android for iOS Developers

This mass provides the guidelines in addition to tutorial projects to exhibit you lot how to interpret your existing iOS app to the Android platform. You’ll role your mobile app noesis to construction your Android apps inward a similar means to how you lot would construction your iOS apps. To implement role cases amongst detailed screens, the nigh mutual mobile topics are discussed, including user interfaces, managing data, in addition to networking amongst remote services. As you lot deed through the book, you’ll exercise Android apps amongst rich UI components to grip mutual CRUD operations locally in addition to remotely.

There are many Android goodies described inward the book. Instead of relying on routine text descriptions, you’ll notice the uniqueness of Android in addition to appreciate the many features that are unique to the platform. This mass likewise explores to a greater extent than powerful mobile UX patterns that are usually used on the iOS in addition to Android platforms.

When you lot complete reading Migrating to Android for iOS Developers, you’ll hold upwardly an Android developer every bit good every bit an iOS developer. And, you lot volition hold upwardly fully convinced you lot tin move exercise everything inward Android that you lot tin move exercise inward iOS.
What you’ll learn
• How to maximize your existing iOS mobile noesis to larn Android programming skills
• How to role the Android integrated evolution surroundings amongst the Eclipse ADT plugin
• How to interpret your existing iOS code to Android amongst the next mutual mobile topics:
° Common mobile enshroud navigation patterns
° User interface components in addition to UI animations
° Storing data
° Networking in addition to using remote services
° Using organisation apps
° Maps in addition to location awareness
° Mobile search frameworks
° Mobile analytics

Who this mass is for
This mass is for iOS app developers—like you—who desire to port their native iOS app to acquire an Android app. Also, if you lot are non an iOS developer, but already familiar amongst mobile apps, thus this mass tin move likewise tending you lot empathize Android evolution amongst step-by-step instructions in addition to tutorial projects.

Table of Contents
1. Setup Development Environment
2. Android Programming BasicsChapter
3. Structure your App in addition to Break it into Components
4. Implement Piece past times Piece
5. More About Android Application Components
6. Android Application Resources
7. Common Mobile Use Cases
8. Pulling it all together – Recap amongst a Case Study
9. Appendix