Mastering Android Application Development

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Learn how to do to a greater extent than alongside the Android SDK alongside this advanced Android Application lead which shows y’all how to brand fifty-fifty amend Android apps that users volition love

Mastering Android Application Development Learn how to do to a greater extent than alongside the Android SDK alongside this advanced Android Application lead wh Mastering Android Application Development

About This Book

  • Learn how to blueprint as well as construct amend Android apps to achieve novel users
  • Explore the latest features as well as tools inwards the Android SDK that volition assist y’all cash inwards one’s chips a amend developer
  • From concurrency to testing through to adding adverts as well as billing, this mass ties together every chemical element to assist y’all deliver a high-quality Android application on Google Play

Who This Book Is For
Mastering Android Application Development is intended for Android developers that desire insight on as well as guidance through the steps they quest to get got to give their creations the border inwards a competitive market.

What You Will Learn

  • Create an Android projection alongside Android one 1000 features
  • Design the basic navigation for our app using the UI components
  • Set upward a cloud-based platform as well as shop information on it
  • Implement programming patterns such every bit Singleton as well as Observer to keep your projection code for hereafter use
  • Display lists as well as grids using Android RecyclerView
  • Implement user interface components as well as brand your app await professional
  • Handle, download, as well as shop images along alongside retention management
  • Create the database as well as content providers to perform read-write operations
  • Add notifications to the app as well as analytics to runway the user’s usage
  • Show a Google map persuasion on your app
  • Configure minify to obfuscate the code
  • Add adverts as well as do products for buy inwards your app

In Detail
There are millions of Android apps out in that location for people to download how do y’all brand certain yours has the edge? It’s non e’er most excogitation as well as ideas the most successful apps are those that are able to satisfy client demands they’re the ones that await the best, the fastest, as well as the easiest as well as most intuitive to use.

This mass shows y’all how to do Android applications that do exactly that it has been designed assist y’all reckon as well as answer those questions throughout the evolution process, as well as hence y’all tin do applications that stand upward out against the crowd. Learn how to do exemplary UIs that contribute to a satisfying user sense through the lens of Material Design, as well as explore how to harness the arrive at of features inside the Android SDK to assist you. Dive deeper into complex programming concepts as well as uncovering how to leverage concurrency as well as navigate retention administration as well as ikon handling. You’ll also honor farther guidance on testing as well as debugging as well as hence y’all tin guarantee that your application is reliable as well as robust for users.

Beyond this you’ll honor out how to extend your app as well as add together greater functionality, including notifications, location services, adverts as well as app billing (essential if y’all desire to properly monetize your creation!). To brand certain y’all get got confidence at every phase inwards the process, the mass also shows y’all how to unloose your app to the Play shop to brand certain your maximising your efforts to do a pop Android application!

Style as well as approach
This is a step-by-step lead where theory as well as exercise are merged inwards a agency that helps y’all to lay a novel concept into exercise alongside ease. By helping to focus on the goal result, as well as showing all the technical steps y’all quest to larn there, y’all volition hold upward poised for evolution success!