Learning Unity Android Game Development

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Learn to practise stunning Android games using Unity

Learning Unity Android Game Development Learn to practise stunning Android games using Unity Learning Unity Android Game Development

About This Book

  • Leverage the novel features of Unity five for the Android mobile marketplace position amongst hands-on projects too real-world examples
  • Create comprehensive too robust games using diverse customizations too additions available inwards Unity such equally camera, lighting, too audio effects
  • Precise instructions to role Unity to practise an Android-based mobile game

Who This Book Is For
If you lot are an Android developer who wants to larn how to laid upwards games amongst Unity for the Android platform, hence this mass is ideal for you. Some prior noesis of C# too JavaScript would hold upwards helpful.

What You Will Learn

  • Set upwards the evolution surroundings when working amongst both Unity too Android
  • Import too operate amongst the basic blocks of a game such equally meshes, materials, too animations
  • Utilize particles too audio effects to render feedback to the player
  • Adjust photographic television set camera effects too game logic to practise 2D games
  • Interface amongst impact too disceptation inputs to practise custom command systems
  • Create custom graphical interfaces too command elements
  • Leverage pathfinding to decease intelligently moving characters
  • Illuminate scenes dynamically using lightmaps

Unity five is a revolution inwards developing neat games for Android that provides a neat integration platform that industrial plant seamlessly amongst Unity 5, which agency that games tin dismiss hold upwards developed quicker too easier than e’er before.

Packed amongst a lot of examples, this mass starts past times helping you lot to sympathise all the neat features that Unity five too Android bring to offer. You volition hence practise neat games similar Tic-Tac-Toe too the Monkey Ball game too too larn to heighten them. You volition hence expand the game’s surroundings amongst lights too a skybox too larn to practise enemies inwards a tank battle game. You volition hence explore the impact too disceptation controls amongst the creation of a Monkey Ball clone.

With the recreation of a game similar to Angry Birds, you lot volition delve into configuring physics too options for a 2D game experience. Finally, you lot volition decease a consummate sense past times learning the optimization techniques needed to decease on your games running smoothly.