Learning Network Programming Amongst Java

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Learning Network Programming amongst Javaserver communication through the networking channels Learning Network Programming amongst Java

Key Features

  • Learn to deliver superior server-to-server communication through the networking channels
  • Gain expertise of the networking features of your ain applications to back upwards diverse network architectures such equally client/server together with peer-to-peer
  • Explore the issues that impact scalability, impact security, together with allow applications to piece of work inwards a heterogeneous environment

Book Description
Network-aware applications are becoming to a greater extent than prevalent together with play an ever-increasing role inwards the basis today. Connecting together with using an Internet-based service is a frequent requirement for many applications. Java provides numerous classes that bring evolved over the years to run into evolving network needs. These attain from low-level socket together with IP-based approaches to those encapsulated inwards software services.

This mass explores how Java supports networks, starting amongst the basics together with and therefore advancing to to a greater extent than complex topics. An overview of each relevant network technology scientific discipline is presented followed past times detailed examples of how to job Java to back upwards these technologies.

We outset amongst the basics of networking together with and therefore explore how Java supports the evolution of client/server together with peer-to-peer applications. The NIO packages are examined too equally multitasking together with how network applications tin address practical issues such equally security.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 intelligence on networking concepts volition pose many network issues into perspective together with allow you lot focus on the appropriate technology scientific discipline for the job at hand. The examples used volition render a goodness starting indicate to develop like capabilities for many of your network needs.

What you lot volition learn

  • Connect to other applications using sockets
  • Use channels together with buffers to heighten communication betwixt applications
  • Access network services together with develop client/server applications
  • Explore the critical elements of peer-to-peer applications together with electrical flow technologies available
  • Use UDP to perform multicasting
  • Address scalability through the job of substance together with advanced threading techniques
  • Incorporate techniques into an application to acquire far to a greater extent than secure
  • Configure together with address interoperability issues to enable your applications to piece of work inwards a heterogeneous environment

About the Author
Richard thou Reese has worked inwards both manufacture together with academia. For 17 years, he worked inwards the vociferation upwards together with aerospace industries, serving inwards several capacities, including inquiry together with development, software development, supervision, together with training. He currently teaches at Tarleton State University, where he has the chance to apply his years of manufacture sense to heighten his teaching.

Richard has written several Java books together with a C Pointer book. He uses a concise together with easy-to-follow approach to topics at hand. His Java books bring addressed EJB 3.1, updates to Java seven together with 8, certification, functional programming, jMonkeyEngine, together with natural linguistic communication processing.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started amongst Network Programming
  2. Network Addressing
  3. NIO Support for Networking
  4. Client/Server Development
  5. Peer-to-Peer Networks
  6. UDP together with Multicasting
  7. Network Scalability
  8. Network Security
  9. Network Interoperability