Learning Embedded Android N Programming

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Learning Embedded Android northward ProgrammingUnderstand the scheme architecture together with how the root code is organized Learning Embedded Android northward Programming

Key Features

  • Understand the scheme architecture together with how the root code is organized
  • Explore the ability of Android together with customize the produce system
  • Build a fully customized Android version equally per your requirements

Book Description
Take a deep dive into the Android produce scheme together with its customization amongst Learning Embedded Android Programming, written to assistance you lot principal the steep learning bend of working amongst embedded Android. Start past times exploring the basics of Android OS, uncovering Google’s “repo” system, together with uncovering how to recollect AOSP root code. You’ll together with hence uncovering out to gear upwards the produce environs together with the kickoff AOSP system. Next, larn how to customize the boot sequence amongst a novel animation, together with purpose an Android “kitchen” to “cook” your custom ROM. By the halt of the book, you’ll hold upwards able to produce customized Android opened upwards root projects past times developing your ain laid of features.

What you lot volition learn

  • Master Android architecture together with scheme design
  • Obtain root code together with empathize the modular organization
  • Customize together with produce your kickoff scheme picture for the Android emulator
  • Level upwards together with produce your ain Android scheme for a real-world device
  • Use Android equally a abode automation together with amusement system
  • Tailor your scheme amongst optimizations together with add-ons
  • Reach for the stars: await at the Internet of Things, entertainment, together with domotics

About the Author
Ivan Morgillo is a calculator engineer, a conference speaker, together with a community organizer. He is passionate close programming together with embedded systems—from DIY domotics to Android devices.

He is cofounder of Alter Ego Solutions, a mobile evolution consulting company.

He is equally good the writer of RxJava Essentials, past times Packt Publishing together with Grokking Rx, past times Manning Publications.

Stefano Viola is an embedded software developer amongst proved sense amongst Linux embedded devices together with microcontrollers. He is an Android platform proficient together with application developer. He is passionate close programming together with embedded systems, from DIY domotics together with robots to customized Android devices.

He is currently working at SECO equally an embedded software engineer. He is business office of AXIOM project, an R&D projection past times the European Community, together with the UDOO team.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the Architecture
  2. Obtaining the Source Code – Structure together with Philosophy
  3. Set upwards together with Build – the Emulator Way
  4. Moving to Real-World Hardware
  5. Customizing Kernel together with Boot Sequence
  6. “Cooking” Your First ROM
  7. Tailoring Your Personal Android System
  8. Beyond the Smartphone