Install Android Studio On Ubuntu Linux

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To install Android Studio IDE 1.0.1 on Ubuntu, visit, download Android Studio for Linux.

Follow the steps in to set upwards Android Studio on Linux.

  1. Unpack the downloaded ZIP file into an appropriate place for your applications.
  2. To launch Android Studio, navigate to the android-studio/bin/ directory inwards a end together with execute
    You may desire to add together android-studio/bin/ to your PATH environmental variable together with then that yous tin kickoff Android Studio from whatever directory.
  3. Follow the setup sorcerer to install whatever necessary SDK tools.

about JAVA_HOME:
Before locomote Android Studio, yous convey to laid JAVA_HOME on your system, betoken to JDK. Otherwise, volition convey mistake of “‘tools.jar’ seems to locomote non inwards Android Studio classpath. Please ensure JAVA_HOME points to JDK rather than JRE.

To setup JAVA_HOME on Linux, advert concluding post service “Setup JAVA_HOME together with path to JDK on Linux“.

Refer side past times side post service upwards Update Android Studio.

– Install Android Studio on 64-bit Ubuntu 15.10 amongst Ubuntu Make