Install Adt (Android Developer Tools) On Eclipse

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Android offers a custom plugin for the Eclipse IDE, called Android Development Tools (ADT). This plugin provides a powerful, integrated surroundings inward which to prepare Android apps. It extends the capabilities of Eclipse to allow you lot chop-chop laid novel Android projects, construct an app UI, debug your app, too export signed (or unsigned) app packages (APKs) for distribution.

Note: Be aware that Android Studio is straight off the official IDE for Android, thence you lot should migrate to Android Studio to have all the latest IDE updates. 

You should install the ADT plugin entirely if you lot already cause got an Eclipse installation that you lot desire to buy the farm along using.


Download Eclipse:
It’s really straightforward, visit, download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (Eclipse 3.7.2 or greater), unpack the downloaded file, too deed the unpacked folder to whatever place you lot want.

Install ADT (Android Developer Tools) on Eclipse:

  1. Start Eclipse, thence select Help > Install New Software.
  2. Click Add, inward the top-right corner.
  3. In the Add Repository dialog that appears, operate inward “ADT Plugin” for the Name and the next URL for the Location:
    Note: The Android Developer Tools update site requires a secure connection. Make certain the update site URL you lot operate inward starts amongst HTTPS.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Available Software dialog, pick out the checkbox adjacent to Developer Tools too click Next.
  6. In the adjacent window, you’ll meet a listing of the tools to locomote downloaded. Click Next.
  7. Read too convey the license agreements, thence click Finish.
    If you lot teach a safety alert maxim that the authenticity or validity of the software can’t locomote established, click OK.
  8. When the installation completes, restart Eclipse.