Hacking Android

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Explore every nook in addition to cranny of the Android OS to alteration your device in addition to guard it against safety threats

Hacking Android Explore every nook in addition to cranny of the Android OS to alteration your device in addition to guard it agains Hacking Android

About This Book

  • Understand in addition to counteract against offensive safety threats to your applications
  • Maximize your device’s might in addition to potential to accommodate your needs in addition to curiosity
  • See just how your smartphone’s OS is set together (and where the seams are)

Who This Book Is For
This volume is for anyone who wants to larn nearly Android security. Software developers, QA professionals, in addition to beginner- to intermediate-level safety professionals volition discovery this volume helpful. Basic cognition of Android programming would endure a plus.

What You Will Learn

  • Acquaint yourself amongst the cardinal edifice blocks of Android Apps inward the correct way
  • Pentest Android apps in addition to perform diverse attacks inward the existent globe using existent instance studies
  • Take a await at how your personal information tin endure stolen past times malicious attackers
  • Understand the offensive maneuvers that hackers use
  • Discover how to defend against threats
  • Get to know the basic concepts of Android rooting
  • See how developers brand mistakes that permit attackers to pocket information from phones
  • Grasp ways to secure your Android apps in addition to devices
  • Find out how remote attacks are possible on Android devices

In Detail
With the volume explosion of Android mobile phones inward the world, mobile devices stimulate got function an integral purpose of our everyday lives. Security of Android devices is a wide land of written report that should endure purpose of our everyday lives to defend against ever-growing smartphone attacks. Everyone, starting amongst terminate users all the agency upward to developers in addition to safety professionals should aid nearly android security.

Hacking Android is a step-by-step guide that volition acquire yous started amongst Android security. You’ll laid out your journeying at the absolute basics, in addition to and thus volition piece of cake fix to the concepts of Android rooting, application safety assessments, malware, infecting APK files, in addition to fuzzing. On this journeying you’ll acquire to grips amongst diverse tools in addition to techniques that tin endure used inward your everyday pentests. You’ll make the skills necessary to perform Android application vulnerability assessment in addition to penetration testing in addition to volition exercise an Android pentesting lab.

Style in addition to approach
This comprehensive guide takes a step-by-step approach in addition to is explained inward a conversational in addition to easy-to-follow style. Each topic is explained sequentially inward the procedure of performing a successful penetration test. We also include detailed explanations every bit good every bit screenshots of the basic in addition to advanced concepts.