Gradle Recipes For Android: Primary The Novel Construct Organisation For Android

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Gradle Recipes for Android: Master the New Build System for Android Master the New Build System for Android Gradle Recipes for Android: Master the New Build System for Android

Android adopted Gradle equally the preferred construct automation arrangement a few years ago, only many Android developers are withal unfamiliar amongst this opened upwards root tool. This hands-on withdraw provides a collection of Gradle recipes to assistance you lot chop-chop too easily achieve the nearly mutual construct tasks for your Android apps. You’ll larn how to customize projection layouts, add together dependencies, too generate many dissimilar versions of your app.

Gradle is based on Groovy, yet real piffling cognition of the JVM linguistic communication is required for you lot to acquire started. Code examples purpose Android SDK version 23, amongst emulators from Marshmallow (Android 6) or Lollipop (Android 5). If you’re comfortable amongst Java too Android, you’re ready.

  • Understand Gradle’s generated construct files for Android apps
  • Run Gradle from the ascendancy business or within Android Studio
  • Add to a greater extent than Java libraries to your Android app
  • Import too export Eclipse ADT projects
  • Digitally sign a Release APK for the Google Play store
  • Use production flavors to construct many versions of the same app
  • Add custom tasks to the Gradle construct process
  • Test both your app’s Android too non-Android components
  • Improve the functioning of your Gradle build