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Introducing Java 8
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Quick-Start Guide to Lambdas in addition to Streams
By Raoul-Gabriel Urma
Publisher: O’Reilly
Released: August 2015

Java SE viii is perchance the largest alter to Java inward its history, led past times its flagship feature—lambda expressions. If you’re an experienced developer looking to adopt Java viii at work, this curt lead volition walk y’all through all of the major changes earlier taking a deep dive into lambda expressions in addition to Java 8’s other large feature: the Streams API.

Author Raoul-Gabriel Urma explains how improved code readability in addition to back upward for multicore processors were the prime number movers behind Java viii features. He’ll rapidly larn y’all upward to speed on novel classes including CompleteableFuture in addition to Optional, along amongst enhanced interfaces in addition to the novel Date in addition to Time API. You’ll also:

  • Understand why lambda expressions are considered a form of anonymous function
  • Learn how lambda expressions in addition to the behaviour parameterization designing permit y’all write flexible in addition to concise code
  • Discover diverse operations in addition to information processing patterns possible when using the Streams API
  • Use Collector recipes to write queries that are to a greater extent than sophisticated
  • Consider factors such every bit information size in addition to the let out of cores available when using streams inward parallel
  • Work amongst a practical refactoring example to select lambda expressions in addition to streams into focus

Raoul-Gabriel Urma is co-author of the bestselling majority Java viii inward Action (Manning). He has worked every bit a software engineer for Oracle’s Java Platform Group, every bit good every bit for Google’s Python team, eBay in addition to Goldman Sachs. An teacher in addition to frequent conference speaker, he’s currently completing a PhD inward Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.