Free Ebook: Software Architecture Patterns

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Whether you’re a software architect or a software developer or engineer who fulfills some of the roles of a software architect inward the course of pedagogy of your work, the to a greater extent than you lot sympathize almost software architecture, the to a greater extent than capable you’ll be.

Mark Richards’ novel report, Software Architecture Patterns, tin aid you lot acquire almost mutual software architecture patterns, how they work, the pros in addition to cons, in addition to when you lot would select to usage each one. It equally good introduces a few anti-patterns you’ll desire to know about. This study is a swell agency to farther prepare your architectural skills in addition to move out an fifty-fifty greater property to your organization—and it’s free.


The success of whatsoever application or scheme depends on the architecture pattern you lot use. By describing the overall characteristics of the architecture, these patterns non solely guide designers in addition to developers on how to blueprint components, exactly equally good produce upwardly one’s heed the ways inward which those components should interact.

This O’Reilly study takes a deep dive into many mutual software architecture patterns. Each pattern includes a amount explanation of how it works, explains the pattern’s benefits in addition to considerations, in addition to describes the circumstances in addition to atmospheric condition it was designed to address. The study equally good includes an analysis in addition to scorecard for each pattern based on several architecture in addition to software evolution lineament attributes.

Patterns include:

  • Layered architecture
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Microkernel architecture
  • Microservices architecture
  • Space-based architecture
  • In improver to these specific patterns, you’ll equally good acquire almost the Architecture past times Implication anti-pattern in addition to the causes in addition to effects of non using architecture patterns.

Mark Richards
Mark Richards is an experienced hands-on software architect involved inward the architecture, design, in addition to implementation of Microservices Architectures, Service Oriented Architectures, in addition to distributed systems inward J2EE in addition to other technologies. He has been involved inward the software manufacture since 1983, in addition to has pregnant sense in addition to expertise inward application, integration, in addition to corporation architecture. Mark served equally the President of the New England Java Users Group from 1999 thru 2003. He is the writer of numerous technical books in addition to videos, including “Software Architecture Fundamentals” (O’Reilly video), “Enterprise Messaging” (O’Reilly video), “Java Message Service s Edition” (O’Reilly), in addition to 97 Thinks Every Software Architect Should Know (O’Reilly). Mark has a masters score inward reckoner scientific discipline in addition to numerous architect in addition to developer certifications from IBM, Sun, The Open Group, in addition to BEA. He is a regular conference speaker at the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Symposium Series, in addition to has spoken at over 100 conferences in addition to user groups around the basis on a diversity of enterprise-related technical topics.When he is non working Mark tin unremarkably hold upwardly flora hiking inward the White Mountains or along the Appalachian Trail.