Free Ebook – Http/2: A Novel Excerpt From High Functioning Browser Networking

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HTTP/2: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 New Excerpt from High Performance Browser Networking
By Ilya Grigorik
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Final Release Date: May 2015

The novel HTTP/2 criterion is lastly here. Approved before this year, HTTP/2 adds a novel binary framing layer that volition aid brand applications faster, simpler, too to a greater extent than robust. This chapter from the novel liberate of High Performance Browser Networking provides a brief await at this updated protocol too explains how it volition cut latency, minimize protocol overhead, too add together back upward for asking prioritization too server push.

In this excerpt, writer Ilya Grigorik takes you lot through HTTP/2’s pattern too technical goals, too explains how Google’s SPDY played a critical component subdivision inwards the protocol’s development. You’ll besides larn what’s required for upgrading a multitude of servers too clients to HTTP/2.

This excerpt covers:

  • HTTP/2’s binary framing layer
  • Streams, messages, too frames
  • Request too reply multiplexing
  • Stream prioritization
  • One connector per origin
  • Flow control
  • Server push
  • Header compression