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Modern Java EE Design Patterns
Building Scalable Architecture for Sustainable Enterprise Development
Publisher: O’Reilly

With the ascent of DevOps, microservices, containers, in addition to cloud-based evolution platforms, the gap betwixt state-of-the-art solutions in addition to the technology scientific discipline that enterprises typically back upwards has greatly increased. But every bit Markus Eisele explains inwards this O’Reilly report, some enterprises are straightaway looking to twain that gap yesteryear edifice microservice-based architectures on peak of Java EE.

Can it hold upwards done? Is it fifty-fifty a adept idea? Eisele thoroughly explores the possibility in addition to provides savvy advice for enterprises that desire to movement ahead. The termination is complex: Java EE wasn’t built amongst the distributed application approach inwards mind, exactly rather every bit ane monolithic server runtime or cluster hosting many unlike applications. If you’re role of an venture evolution squad investigating the utilisation of microservices amongst Java EE, this mass volition attention you:

  • Understand the challenges of starting a greenfield evolution vs fierce apart an existing brownfield application into services
    Examine your concern domain to run into if microservices would hold upwards a adept fit
  • Explore best practices for automation, high availability, information separation, in addition to performance
  • Align your evolution teams to a greater extent than or less concern capabilities in addition to responsibilities
  • Inspect pattern patterns such every bit aggregator, proxy, pipeline, or shared resources to model service interactions

Markus Eisele is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat in addition to focuses on JBoss Middleware. He has been working amongst Java EE servers from unlike vendors for to a greater extent than than xiv years, in addition to has worked amongst unlike customers on all kinds of Java EE related applications in addition to solutions. He is a prolific blogger, writer, in addition to tech editor for Java EE content. Markus is likewise a Java Champion in addition to one-time ACE Director.