Create Your Ain App: Amongst App Inventor 2

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CREATE YOUR OWN APP: WITH APP INVENTOR 2friendly tool that makes it a snap to create Android apps using Android devices such equally ph CREATE YOUR OWN APP: WITH APP INVENTOR 2

App Inventor is a free, user-friendly tool that makes it a snap to create Android apps using Android devices such equally phones together with tablets–no programming sense needed. Users create upwards one’s heed what they desire their app to practise together with and then click together the colorful jigsaw-puzzle blocks that larn far happen. After the projection is finished together with tested, App Inventor turns it into a existent Android app that tin live on function on phones, shared amongst friends, or fifty-fifty sold inwards the Google Play store.

This majority introduces creative immature (and older) readers to the footing of mobile app programming–no sense required! This majority contains 25 basic apps which tin live on used to instruct app programming to kids inwards schools . This is a step-by-step approach to create apps amongst pictures given for each stride together with slow to follow. It’s a practical direct to larn the basics of app programming piece making apps.Below are the contents of book.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to APP INVENTOR 2
Chapter two : Text-to-Speech App
Chapter three : Kitten Meow App
Chapter iv : GetMyAddress(GPS) App
Chapter v : DrawObject App
Chapter half dozen : Shaking Colors App
Chapter vii : Digital Compass App
Chapter 8 : Camera App
Chapter nine : Digital Doodle App
Chapter 10: Translator App
Chapter 11: Translator App (Extended)
Chapter 12: Mp3 Player App
Chapter 13: Video Player App
Chapter 14: Speech Recognizer App
Chapter 15: AI Ball App
Chapter 16: Magic Trick App
Chapter 17: Live FM App
Chapter 18: Bounce Ball App
Chapter 19: Sketch-A drawing app
Chapter 20: Texting-A messaging app
Chapter 21: Photo portion app
Chapter 22: Proximity Sensor app
Chapter 23: Image Picker app
Chapter 24: Phone telephone telephone app
Chapter 25: Flash Bird app
Chapter 26: Flash Bird Game
Chapter 27: Packaging & Publishing to Google Play Store