Cardboard, Virtual Reality On Your Smartphone

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Cardboard is a no-frills enclosure that transforms a squall upwards into a basic VR headset, too the accompanying opened upwards software toolkit that makes writing VR software every bit uncomplicated every bit edifice a spider web or mobile app.

Install Cardboard app puts virtual reality on your smartphone. Try a diversity of immersive demos on Android, too instruct inspired to construct your ain using the VR Toolkit at

• Earth: Fly where your fancy takes yous on Google Earth.
• Tour Guide: Visit Versailles alongside a local guide.
• YouTube: Watch pop YouTube videos on a massive screen.
• Exhibit: Examine cultural artifacts from every angle.
• Photo Sphere: Look around the photograph spheres you’ve captured.
• Street Vue: Drive through Paris on a summertime day.
• Windy Day: Follow the even out (and the hat) inward this interactive animated brusk from Spotlight Stories.

To fully savor this app you’ll involve a Cardboard viewer. You tin brand your ain using the instructions at to construct your viewer.

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