Bluetooth Le Gatt Example, Scan Ble Devices

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Last ship service present the commencement pace to enable Bluetooth, this ship service present how to scan BLE devices inwards range.

We volition re-use the inwards Android representative code “Bluetooth Le Gatt example“. Modify to suit our case.

/*  * Copyright (C) 2013 The Android Open Source Project  *  * Licensed nether the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");  * y'all may non purpose this file except inwards compliance alongside the License.  * You may obtain a re-create of the License at  *  *  *  * Unless required past times applicable police describe or agreed to inwards writing, software  * distributed nether the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either limited or implied.  * See the License for the specific linguistic communication governing permissions together with  * limitations nether the License.  */  packet com.blogspot.android_er.androidblegatt;  import; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothDevice; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothGatt; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothGattCallback; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothGattCharacteristic; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothGattDescriptor; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothGattService; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothManager; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothProfile; import android.content.Context; import android.content.Intent; import android.os.Binder; import android.os.IBinder; import android.os.ParcelUuid; import android.util.Log;  import java.util.List; import java.util.UUID;  /**  * Service for managing connexion together with information communication alongside a GATT server hosted on a  * given Bluetooth LE device.  */ world course of pedagogy BluetoothLeService extends Service {     person lastly static String TAG = BluetoothLeService.class.getSimpleName();      person BluetoothManager mBluetoothManager;     person BluetoothAdapter mBluetoothAdapter;     person String mBluetoothDeviceAddress;     person BluetoothGatt mBluetoothGatt;     person int mConnectionState = STATE_DISCONNECTED;      person static lastly int STATE_DISCONNECTED = 0;     person static lastly int STATE_CONNECTING = 1;     person static lastly int STATE_CONNECTED = 2;      world lastly static String ACTION_GATT_CONNECTED =             "android-er.ACTION_GATT_CONNECTED";     world lastly static String ACTION_GATT_DISCONNECTED =             "android-er.ACTION_GATT_DISCONNECTED";     world lastly static String ACTION_GATT_SERVICES_DISCOVERED =             "android-er.ACTION_GATT_SERVICES_DISCOVERED";     world lastly static String ACTION_DATA_AVAILABLE =             "android-er.ACTION_DATA_AVAILABLE";     world lastly static String EXTRA_DATA =             "android-er.EXTRA_DATA";      public static String String_GENUINO101_ledService =             "19B10000-E8F2-537E-4F6C-D104768A1214";     world lastly static ParcelUuid ParcelUuid_GENUINO101_ledService =             ParcelUuid.fromString(String_GENUINO101_ledService);     world lastly static UUID UUID_GENUINO101_ledService =             UUID.fromString(String_GENUINO101_ledService);      public static String String_GENUINO101_switchChar =             "19B10001-E8F2-537E-4F6C-D104768A1214";     world lastly static UUID UUID_GENUINO101_switchChare =             UUID.fromString(String_GENUINO101_switchChar);      // Implements callback methods for GATT events that the app cares about.  For example,     // connexion modify together with services discovered.     person lastly BluetoothGattCallback mGattCallback = novel BluetoothGattCallback() {         @Override         world void onConnectionStateChange(BluetoothGatt gatt, int status, int newState) {             String intentAction;             if (newState == BluetoothProfile.STATE_CONNECTED) {                 intentAction = ACTION_GATT_CONNECTED;                 mConnectionState = STATE_CONNECTED;                 broadcastUpdate(intentAction);                 Log.i(TAG, "Connected to GATT server.");                 // Attempts to regain services afterward successful connection.                 Log.i(TAG, "Attempting to start service discovery:" +                         mBluetoothGatt.discoverServices());              } else if (newState == BluetoothProfile.STATE_DISCONNECTED) {                 intentAction = ACTION_GATT_DISCONNECTED;                 mConnectionState = STATE_DISCONNECTED;                 Log.i(TAG, "Disconnected from GATT server.");                 broadcastUpdate(intentAction);             }         }          @Override         world void onServicesDiscovered(BluetoothGatt gatt, int status) {             if (status == BluetoothGatt.GATT_SUCCESS) {                 broadcastUpdate(ACTION_GATT_SERVICES_DISCOVERED);             } else {                 Log.w(TAG, "onServicesDiscovered received: " + status);             }         }          @Override         world void onCharacteristicRead(BluetoothGatt gatt,                                          BluetoothGattCharacteristic characteristic,                                          int status) {             if (status == BluetoothGatt.GATT_SUCCESS) {                 broadcastUpdate(ACTION_DATA_AVAILABLE, characteristic);             }         }          @Override         world void onCharacteristicChanged(BluetoothGatt gatt,                                             BluetoothGattCharacteristic characteristic) {             broadcastUpdate(ACTION_DATA_AVAILABLE, characteristic);         }     };      person void broadcastUpdate(final String action) {         lastly Intent intent = novel Intent(action);         sendBroadcast(intent);     }      person void broadcastUpdate(final String action,                                  lastly BluetoothGattCharacteristic characteristic) {         lastly Intent intent = novel Intent(action);          /*         // This is exceptional treatment for the Heart Rate Measurement profile.  Data parsing is         // carried out every bit per profile specifications:         //         // ?u=org.bluetooth.characteristic.heart_rate_measurement.xml         if (UUID_HEART_RATE_MEASUREMENT.equals(characteristic.getUuid())) {             int flag = characteristic.getProperties();             int format = -1;             if ((flag & 0x01) != 0) {                 format = BluetoothGattCharacteristic.FORMAT_UINT16;                 Log.d(TAG, "Heart charge per unit of measurement format UINT16.");             } else {                 format = BluetoothGattCharacteristic.FORMAT_UINT8;                 Log.d(TAG, "Heart charge per unit of measurement format UINT8.");             }             lastly int heartRate = characteristic.getIntValue(format, 1);             Log.d(TAG, String.format("Received see rate: %d", heartRate));             intent.putExtra(EXTRA_DATA, String.valueOf(heartRate));         } else {             // For all other profiles, writes the information formatted inwards HEX.             lastly byte[] information = characteristic.getValue();             if (data != nothing && data.length > 0) {                 lastly StringBuilder stringBuilder = novel StringBuilder(data.length);                 for(byte byteChar : data)                     stringBuilder.append(String.format("%02X ", byteChar));                 intent.putExtra(EXTRA_DATA, novel String(data) + "\n" + stringBuilder.toString());             }         }         */          //remove exceptional treatment for fourth dimension existence         Log.w(TAG, "broadcastUpdate()");          lastly byte[] information = characteristic.getValue();          Log.v(TAG, "data.length: " + data.length);          if (data != nothing && data.length > 0) {             lastly StringBuilder stringBuilder = novel StringBuilder(data.length);             for(byte byteChar : data) {                 stringBuilder.append(String.format("%02X ", byteChar));                  Log.v(TAG, String.format("%02X ", byteChar));             }             intent.putExtra(EXTRA_DATA, novel String(data) + "\n" + stringBuilder.toString());         }          sendBroadcast(intent);     }      world course of pedagogy LocalBinder extends Binder {         BluetoothLeService getService() {             supply BluetoothLeService.this;         }     }      @Override     world IBinder onBind(Intent intent) {         supply mBinder;     }      @Override     world boolean onUnbind(Intent intent) {         // After using a given device, y'all should brand certain that BluetoothGatt.close() is called         // such that resources are cleaned upwards properly.  In this item example, close() is         // invoked when the UI is disconnected from the Service.         close();         supply super.onUnbind(intent);     }      person lastly IBinder mBinder = novel LocalBinder();      /**      * Initializes a reference to the local Bluetooth adapter.      *      * @return Return truthful if the initialization is successful.      */     world boolean initialize() {         // For API marker xviii together with above, larn a reference to BluetoothAdapter through         // BluetoothManager.         if (mBluetoothManager == null) {             mBluetoothManager = (BluetoothManager) getSystemService(Context.BLUETOOTH_SERVICE);             if (mBluetoothManager == null) {                 Log.e(TAG, "Unable to initialize BluetoothManager.");                 supply false;             }         }          mBluetoothAdapter = mBluetoothManager.getAdapter();         if (mBluetoothAdapter == null) {             Log.e(TAG, "Unable to obtain a BluetoothAdapter.");             supply false;         }          supply true;     }      /**      * Connects to the GATT server hosted on the Bluetooth LE device.      *      * @param address The device address of the destination device.      *      * @return Return truthful if the connexion is initiated successfully. The connexion lawsuit      *         is reported asynchronously through the      *         {@code BluetoothGattCallback#onConnectionStateChange(      *         android.bluetooth.BluetoothGatt, int, int)}      *         callback.      */     world boolean connect(final String address) {         if (mBluetoothAdapter == nothing || address == null) {             Log.w(TAG, "BluetoothAdapter non initialized or unspecified address.");             supply false;         }          // Previously connected device.  Try to reconnect.         if (mBluetoothDeviceAddress != nothing && address.equals(mBluetoothDeviceAddress)                 && mBluetoothGatt != null) {             Log.d(TAG, "Trying to purpose an existing mBluetoothGatt for connection.");             if (mBluetoothGatt.connect()) {                 mConnectionState = STATE_CONNECTING;                 supply true;             } else {                 supply false;             }         }          lastly BluetoothDevice device = mBluetoothAdapter.getRemoteDevice(address);         if (device == null) {             Log.w(TAG, "Device non found.  Unable to connect.");             supply false;         }         // We desire to straight connect to the device, together with hence nosotros are setting the autoConnect         // parameter to false.         mBluetoothGatt = device.connectGatt(this, false, mGattCallback);         Log.d(TAG, "Trying to create a novel connection.");         mBluetoothDeviceAddress = address;         mConnectionState = STATE_CONNECTING;         supply true;     }      /**      * Disconnects an existing connexion or cancel a pending connection. The disconnection lawsuit      * is reported asynchronously through the      * {@code BluetoothGattCallback#onConnectionStateChange(      * android.bluetooth.BluetoothGatt, int, int)}      * callback.      */     world void disconnect() {         if (mBluetoothAdapter == nothing || mBluetoothGatt == null) {             Log.w(TAG, "BluetoothAdapter non initialized");             return;         }         mBluetoothGatt.disconnect();     }      /**      * After using a given BLE device, the app must telephone scream upwards this method to ensure resources are      * released properly.      */     world void close() {         if (mBluetoothGatt == null) {             return;         }         mBluetoothGatt.close();         mBluetoothGatt = null;     }      /**      * Request a read on a given {@code BluetoothGattCharacteristic}. The read lawsuit is reported      * asynchronously through the {@code BluetoothGattCallback#onCharacteristicRead(      * android.bluetooth.BluetoothGatt, android.bluetooth.BluetoothGattCharacteristic, int)}      * callback.      *      * @param characteristic The characteristic to read from.      */     world void readCharacteristic(BluetoothGattCharacteristic characteristic) {         if (mBluetoothAdapter == nothing || mBluetoothGatt == null) {             Log.w(TAG, "BluetoothAdapter non initialized");             return;         }         mBluetoothGatt.readCharacteristic(characteristic);     }      /**      * Enables or disables notification on a give characteristic.      *      * @param characteristic Characteristic to human activity on.      * @param enabled If true, enable notification.  False otherwise.      */     world void setCharacteristicNotification(BluetoothGattCharacteristic characteristic,                                               boolean enabled) {         if (mBluetoothAdapter == nothing || mBluetoothGatt == null) {             Log.w(TAG, "BluetoothAdapter non initialized");             return;         }         mBluetoothGatt.setCharacteristicNotification(characteristic, enabled);          // This is specific to Genuino 101 ledService.         if (UUID_GENUINO101_ledService.equals(characteristic.getUuid())) {             BluetoothGattDescriptor descriptor = characteristic.getDescriptor(                     UUID_GENUINO101_switchChare);             descriptor.setValue(BluetoothGattDescriptor.ENABLE_NOTIFICATION_VALUE);             mBluetoothGatt.writeDescriptor(descriptor);         }     }      /**      * Retrieves a listing of supported GATT services on the connected device. This should live      * invoked solely afterward {@code BluetoothGatt#discoverServices()} completes successfully.      *      * @return Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 {@code List} of supported services.      */     world List<BluetoothGattService> getSupportedGattServices() {         if (mBluetoothGatt == null) supply null;          supply mBluetoothGatt.getServices();     } }  

Edit AndroidManifest.xml to add together service of “.BluetoothLeService”.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <manifest xmlns:android=""     package="com.blogspot.android_er.androidblegatt">      <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.bluetooth_le" android:required="true"/>     <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH"/>     <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN"/>     <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION"/>      <application         android:allowBackup="true"         android:icon="@mipmap/ic_launcher"         android:label="@string/app_name"         android:supportsRtl="true"         android:theme="@style/AppTheme">         <activity android:name=".MainActivity">             <intent-filter>                 <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />                  <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />             </intent-filter>         </activity>         <service android:name=".BluetoothLeService" android:enabled="true"/>     </application>  </manifest> 

Edit activity_main.xml to add together a Button to start scanning, together with a ListView to display the result.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android=""     xmlns:tools=""     android:layout_width="match_parent"     android:layout_height="match_parent"     android:padding="16dp"     android:orientation="vertical"     tools:context="com.blogspot.android_er.androidblegatt.MainActivity">      <TextView         android:layout_width="wrap_content"         android:layout_height="wrap_content"         android:layout_gravity="center_horizontal"         android:autoLink="web"         android:text=""         android:textStyle="bold" />      <TextView         android:layout_width="wrap_content"         android:layout_height="wrap_content"         android:layout_gravity="center_horizontal"         android:autoLink="web"         android:text="Bluetooth LE Gatt Example"         android:textStyle="italic" />      <Button         android:id="@+id/scan"         android:layout_width="match_parent"         android:layout_height="wrap_content"         android:text="Scan"/>     <ListView         android:id="@+id/lelist"         android:layout_width="match_parent"         android:layout_height="match_parent"/> </LinearLayout>

package com.blogspot.android_er.androidblegatt;  import; import; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothDevice; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothManager; import android.bluetooth.le.BluetoothLeScanner; import android.bluetooth.le.ScanCallback; import android.bluetooth.le.ScanResult; import android.content.Context; import android.content.DialogInterface; import android.content.Intent; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.os.Handler; import; import android.view.View; import android.widget.AdapterView; import android.widget.ArrayAdapter; import android.widget.Button; import android.widget.ListAdapter; import android.widget.ListView; import android.widget.Toast;  import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List;  world course of pedagogy MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {      person BluetoothAdapter mBluetoothAdapter;     person BluetoothLeScanner mBluetoothLeScanner;      person boolean mScanning;      person static lastly int RQS_ENABLE_BLUETOOTH = 1;      Button btnScan;     ListView listViewLE;      List<BluetoothDevice> listBluetoothDevice;     ListAdapter adapterLeScanResult;      person Handler mHandler;     person static lastly long SCAN_PERIOD = 10000;      @Override     protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {         super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);         setContentView(R.layout.activity_main);          // Check if BLE is supported on the device.         if (!getPackageManager().hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_BLUETOOTH_LE)) {             Toast.makeText(this,                     "BLUETOOTH_LE non supported inwards this device!",                     Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();             finish();         }          getBluetoothAdapterAndLeScanner();          // Checks if Bluetooth is supported on the device.         if (mBluetoothAdapter == null) {             Toast.makeText(this,                     "bluetoothManager.getAdapter()==null",                     Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();             finish();             return;         }          btnScan = (Button)findViewById(;         btnScan.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {             @Override             world void onClick(View v) {                 scanLeDevice(true);             }         });         listViewLE = (ListView)findViewById(;          listBluetoothDevice = novel ArrayList<>();         adapterLeScanResult = novel ArrayAdapter<BluetoothDevice>(                 this, android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, listBluetoothDevice);         listViewLE.setAdapter(adapterLeScanResult);         listViewLE.setOnItemClickListener(scanResultOnItemClickListener);          mHandler = novel Handler();      }      AdapterView.OnItemClickListener scanResultOnItemClickListener =             novel AdapterView.OnItemClickListener(){                  @Override                 world void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position, long id) {                     lastly BluetoothDevice device = (BluetoothDevice) parent.getItemAtPosition(position);                      String msg = device.getAddress() + "\n"                             + device.getBluetoothClass().toString() + "\n"                             + getBTDevieType(device);                      novel AlertDialog.Builder(MainActivity.this)                             .setTitle(device.getName())                             .setMessage(msg)                             .setPositiveButton("OK", novel DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {                                 @Override                                 world void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int which) {                                  }                             })                             .show();                  }             };      person String getBTDevieType(BluetoothDevice d){         String type = "";          switch (d.getType()){             representative BluetoothDevice.DEVICE_TYPE_CLASSIC:                 type = "DEVICE_TYPE_CLASSIC";                 break;             representative BluetoothDevice.DEVICE_TYPE_DUAL:                 type = "DEVICE_TYPE_DUAL";                 break;             representative BluetoothDevice.DEVICE_TYPE_LE:                 type = "DEVICE_TYPE_LE";                 break;             representative BluetoothDevice.DEVICE_TYPE_UNKNOWN:                 type = "DEVICE_TYPE_UNKNOWN";                 break;             default:                 type = "unknown...";         }          supply type;     }      @Override     protected void onResume() {         super.onResume();          if (!mBluetoothAdapter.isEnabled()) {             if (!mBluetoothAdapter.isEnabled()) {                 Intent enableBtIntent = novel Intent(BluetoothAdapter.ACTION_REQUEST_ENABLE);                 startActivityForResult(enableBtIntent, RQS_ENABLE_BLUETOOTH);             }         }     }      @Override     protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {          if (requestCode == RQS_ENABLE_BLUETOOTH && resultCode == Activity.RESULT_CANCELED) {             finish();             return;         }          getBluetoothAdapterAndLeScanner();          // Checks if Bluetooth is supported on the device.         if (mBluetoothAdapter == null) {             Toast.makeText(this,                     "bluetoothManager.getAdapter()==null",                     Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();             finish();             return;         }          super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);     }      person void getBluetoothAdapterAndLeScanner(){         // Get BluetoothAdapter together with BluetoothLeScanner.         lastly BluetoothManager bluetoothManager =                 (BluetoothManager) getSystemService(Context.BLUETOOTH_SERVICE);         mBluetoothAdapter = bluetoothManager.getAdapter();         mBluetoothLeScanner = mBluetoothAdapter.getBluetoothLeScanner();          mScanning = false;     }      /*     to telephone scream upwards startScan (ScanCallback callback),     Requires BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission.     Must handgrip ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission to larn results.      */     person void scanLeDevice(final boolean enable) {         if (enable) {             listBluetoothDevice.clear();             listViewLE.invalidateViews();              // Stops scanning afterward a pre-defined scan period.             mHandler.postDelayed(new Runnable() {                 @Override                 world void run() {                     mBluetoothLeScanner.stopScan(scanCallback);                     listViewLE.invalidateViews();                      Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this,                             "Scan timeout",                             Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();                      mScanning = false;                     btnScan.setEnabled(true);                 }             }, SCAN_PERIOD);              mBluetoothLeScanner.startScan(scanCallback);             mScanning = true;             btnScan.setEnabled(false);         } else {             mBluetoothLeScanner.stopScan(scanCallback);             mScanning = false;             btnScan.setEnabled(true);         }     }      person ScanCallback scanCallback = novel ScanCallback() {         @Override         world void onScanResult(int callbackType, ScanResult result) {             super.onScanResult(callbackType, result);              addBluetoothDevice(result.getDevice());         }          @Override         world void onBatchScanResults(List<ScanResult> results) {             super.onBatchScanResults(results);             for(ScanResult lawsuit : results){                 addBluetoothDevice(result.getDevice());             }         }          @Override         world void onScanFailed(int errorCode) {             super.onScanFailed(errorCode);             Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this,                     "onScanFailed: " + String.valueOf(errorCode),                     Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();         }          person void addBluetoothDevice(BluetoothDevice device){             if(!listBluetoothDevice.contains(device)){                 listBluetoothDevice.add(device);                 listViewLE.invalidateViews();             }         }     }; }  

As shown inwards this video; at that spot are 3 bluetooth devices running inwards range. This representative recognize Genuino 101 together with HM-10 (BLE module), simply non HC-06 (classic Bluetooth module).

– Scan specified BLE devices alongside ScanFilter

Bluetooth LE Gatt Example, step-by-step