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Android UI DesignTake an initial thought for an Android app as well as railroad train it into a detailed conception Android UI Design
Key Features

  • Take an initial thought for an Android app as well as railroad train it into a detailed plan, supported past times sketches as well as wireframes
  • Provide a amend sense for your users past times next best practices as well as the novel cloth pattern principles
  • Work to a greater extent than efficiently as well as salve fourth dimension past times testing your ideas at an early on stage past times edifice a prototype

Book Description
Great pattern is i of the cardinal drivers inward the adoption of novel applications, even so unfortunately pattern considerations are oftentimes neglected inward the human face upwardly of “will it work,” “can nosotros locomote inward quicker,” or “can nosotros locomote to a greater extent than people using it”?

This majority seeks to redress this repose past times showing you lot how to locomote your PM to showtime treating the pattern stage of your projection seriously. This majority is focused solely on the evolution of UI features, as well as you’ll locomote able to practically implementing the pattern practices that nosotros extol throughout the book.

Starting past times briefly outlining roughly of the factors you lot postulate to continue inward heed when edifice a UI, you’ll larn the concepts of Android User Interface from scratch. We as well as so motility on to formulate a conception on how to implement these concepts inward diverse applications. We volition deep dive into how UI features are implemented inward real-world applications where UIs are complex as well as dynamic.

This majority offers close consummate coverage of UI-specific content including, views, fragments, the wireframing process, as well as how to add together inward splash screens-everything you lot postulate to brand professional person criterion UIs for modern applications. It volition as well as so embrace cloth pattern as well as exhibit you lot how to implement Google’s pattern aesthetic inward a practical manner. Finally, it ensures the best possible user sense past times analyzing the UI using diverse tools, as well as and so addressing whatsoever problems they uncover.

By the terminate of the book, you’ll locomote able to leverage the concepts of Android User Interface inward your applications inward lodge to attract novel customers.

What you lot volition learn

  • Develop a user interface that adheres to all the pith cloth pattern principles
  • Transform your initial app thought into a concrete as well as detailed plan
  • Add Views, ViewGroups, layouts, as well as mutual UI components to your ain Android projects
  • Use fragments as well as diverse strategies to get together user input
  • Create a novel Android Studio projection as well as railroad train it into a prototype
  • Identify as well as solve problems alongside your app’s UI to deliver a amend user experience

About the Author
Jessica Thornsby studied poetry, prose, as well as script writing at Bolton University earlier discovering the basis of opened upwardly source as well as technical writing, as well as has never looked dorsum since. Today, she is a technical author as well as full-time Android enthusiast residing inward sunny Sheffield, England.

She enjoys writing nigh rooting as well as flashing mobile devices, Java, Eclipse, as well as all things Android as well as Google. When non wordsmithing nigh applied scientific discipline as well as obsessing nigh the latest Android developments, she keeps a weblog nigh her local nutrient scene, as well as writes nigh looking afterward exotic pets. On the rare occasions that she’s dragged away from her computer, she enjoys beer gardens, curry houses, the Great British seaside, scary movies, as well as spending lots of fourth dimension alongside her family rabbits as well as chinchillas.