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Android Things ProjectsLearn to laid upward promising IoT projects alongside Android Things Android Things Projects

Key Features

  • Learn to laid upward promising IoT projects alongside Android Things
  • Make the most out of hardware peripherals using criterion Android APIs
  • Build enticing projects on IoT, dwelling automation, as well as robotics past times leveraging Raspberry Pi three as well as Intel Edison

Book Description
Android Things makes developing connected embedded devices slow past times providing the same Android evolution tools, best-in-class Android framework, as well as Google APIs that brand developers successful on mobile.

With this book, you lot volition hold out able to conduct keep wages of the novel Android framework APIs to securely laid upward projects using low-level components such equally sensors, resistors, capacitors, as well as display controllers. This mass volition instruct you lot all you lot require to know close working alongside Android Things through practical projects based on dwelling automation, robotics, IoT, as well as and so on. We’ll instruct you lot to brand the most of the Android Things as well as laid upward enticing projects such equally a smart greenhouse that controls the climate as well as surround automatically. You’ll also create an alert system, integrate Android Things alongside IoT cloud platforms, as well as more.

By the destination of this book, you lot volition know everything close Android Things, as well as you’ll conduct keep built unopen to real cool projects using the latest technology that is driving the adoption of IoT. You volition also conduct keep primed your mindset as well as so that you lot tin utilization your cognition for profitable, practical projects.

What you lot volition learn

  • Understand IoT ecosystem as well as the Android Things role
  • See the Android Things framework: installation, environment, SDK, as well as APIs
  • See how to effectively utilization sensors (GPIO as well as I2C Bus)
  • Integrate Android Things alongside IoT cloud platforms
  • Create practical IoT projects using Android Things
  • Integrate Android Things alongside other systems using criterion IoT protocols
  • Use Android Things inwards IoT projects

About the Author
Francesco Azzola is an electronic engineer alongside over fifteen years of sense inwards calculator programming as well as JEE architecture. He is SCEA certified (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect), SCWCD, as well as SCJP. He is an Android as well as IoT enthusiast. He loves creating IoT projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Android, as well as other platforms.

He is interested inwards the convergence betwixt IoT as well as mobile applications. Previously, he worked inwards the mobile evolution plain for several years. He has created a weblog called survivingwithandroid,where he shares posts close coding inwards Android as well as IoT projects.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started alongside Android Things
  2. Create an alert arrangement using Android Things
  3. How to brand an environmental monitoring system
  4. Integrate Android Things alongside IoT cloud platforms
  5. Create a smart arrangement to command ambient light
  6. Remote Weather station
  7. Build a spying eye
  8. Android alongside Android Things