Android Studio 3.0 Available On Canary Unloose Channel

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Just inwards fourth dimension for Google I/O 2017, Android Studio 3.0 is available to download on  canary liberate channel.

To accelerate your evolution flow, Android Studio 3.0 includes 3 major features: a novel suite of app surgical procedure profiling tools to rapidly diagnose surgical procedure issues, support for the Kotlin programming language, together with increased Gradle construct speeds for large sized app projects. Android Studio 3.0 also tightly integrates amongst Android platform evolution amongst these additional telephone substitution features: back upwards for Instant App development, inclusion of the Google Play Store inwards the Android O emulator arrangement images, together with novel wizards for Android O development. Overall, this commencement canary liberate of Android Studio 3.0 has 20+ novel features.

Please advert to the annunciation blogpost “Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1” for to a greater extent than details.