Android Ndk Game Evolution Cookbook

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Android NDK Game Development Cookbook this is the majority that tin swiftly propel yous into the potentially profitable footing of And Android NDK Game Development Cookbook

For C++ developers, this is the majority that tin swiftly propel yous into the potentially profitable footing of Android games. The 70+ step-by-step recipes using Android NDK volition hand yous the wide-ranging knowledge yous need.


  • Tips as well as tricks for developing as well as debugging mobile games on your desktop
  • Enhance your applications past times writing multithreaded code for good playback, network access, as well as asynchronous resources loading
  • Enhance your game evolution skills past times using modern OpenGL ES as well as railroad train applications without using an IDE
  • Features 2 ready-to-run Android games

In Detail

Android NDK is used for multimedia applications which require straight access to a system’s resources. Android NDK is also the telephone substitution for portability, which inward plough provides a reasonably comfortable evolution as well as debugging procedure using familiar tools such every bit GCC as well as Clang toolchains. If your wishing to arrive at Android games using this amazing framework, as well as thus this majority is a must-have.

This majority provides yous alongside a break of clear step-by-step recipes which volition attention yous to outset developing mobile games alongside Android NDK as well as boost your productivity debugging them on your computer. This majority volition also supply yous alongside novel ways of working every bit good every bit to a greater extent than or less useful tips as well as tricks that volition demonstrably growth your evolution speed as well as efficiency.

This majority volition accept yous through a break of easy-to-follow recipes that volition attention yous to accept payoff of the Android NDK every bit good every bit to a greater extent than or less pop C++ libraries. It presents Android application evolution inward C++ as well as shows yous how to arrive at a consummate gaming application.

You volition acquire how to write portable multithreaded C++ code, purpose HTTP networking, play good files, purpose OpenGL ES, to homecoming high-quality text, as well as how to recognize user gestures on multi-touch devices. If yous desire to leverage your C++ skills inward mobile evolution as well as add together surgical operation to your Android applications, as well as thus this is the majority for you.

What yous volition acquire from this book

  • Port pop C++ libraries to Android
  • Write portable multithreaded code
  • Play good alongside OpenAL
  • Implement gesture recognition
  • Render text alongside FreeType
  • Use OpenGL ES to port as well as abstract APIs from the game code to railroad train games on a desktop PC
  • Debug mobile applications on your desktop
  • Access Flickr as well as Picasa spider web services from C++
  • Extract resources from APK archives
  • Develop Android applications without an IDE


H5N1 systematic conduct consisting of over seventy recipes which focus on helping yous arrive at portable mobile games as well as aims to lift your game evolution skills alongside clear instructions.

Who this majority is written for

If yous are a C++ developer who wants to outpouring into the footing of Android game evolution as well as who wants to purpose the might of existing C++ libraries inward your existing Android Java applications, as well as thus this majority is for you. You ask to cause got basic knowledge of C or C++ including pointer manipulation, multithreading, as well as object-oriented programming concepts every bit good every bit to a greater extent than or less sense developing applications without using an IDE.