Android High Functioning Programming

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Build fast in addition to efficient Android apps that run equally reliably equally clockwork inward a multi-device world

Android High Performance Programming Build fast in addition to efficient Android apps that run equally reliably equally clockwork inward a multi Android High Performance Programming

About This Book

  • Wide coverage of diverse topics that help inward developing optimal applications
  • Explore the concepts of Advanced Native Coding inward depth
  • A must-have for professional-standard Android developers for whom performance failures in addition to the sloppy utilisation of resources are only unacceptable

Who This Book Is For
This majority is aimed at developers amongst an advanced noesis of Android in addition to who desire to assay their skills in addition to acquire novel techniques to increase the performance of their applications. We assume they are comfortable working amongst the entire Android SDK, in addition to cause got been doing it for a few years. They ask to live on familiar amongst frameworks such equally NDK to utilisation native code, which is crucial for app performance

What You Will Learn

  • Create Android applications that mash the most from the express resources capacity of devices
  • Swap code that isn’t performing
  • Efficient retentiveness management yesteryear identifying problems such equally leaks
  • Reap the benefits of multithreaded in addition to asynchronous programming
  • Maximize the safety in addition to encryption mechanisms natively provided yesteryear Android
  • Perform efficient network operations in addition to techniques to call upwardly information from servers
  • Master the NDK to write native code that tin perform faster operations

In Detail
Performant applications are i of the key drivers of success inward the mobile world. Users may abandon an app if it runs slowly. Learning how to laid applications that residuum speed in addition to performance amongst functionality in addition to UX tin live on a challenge; however, it’s at i time to a greater extent than of import than e’er to become that residuum right.

Android High Performance volition get-go yous thinking almost how to wring the most from whatsoever hardware your app is installed on, in addition to then yous tin increase your range in addition to engagement. The majority begins yesteryear providing an introduction to state–of-the-art Android techniques in addition to the importance of performance inward an Android application. Then, nosotros volition explicate the Android SDK tools regularly used to debug in addition to profile Android applications. We volition also acquire almost around advanced topics such equally edifice layouts, multithreading, networking, in addition to security. Battery life is i of the biggest bottlenecks inward applications; in addition to this majority volition demonstrate typical examples of code that exhausts battery life, how to forestall this, in addition to how to stair out battery consumption from an application inward every form of province of affairs to ensure your apps don’t drain to a greater extent than than they should.

This majority explains techniques for edifice optimized in addition to efficient systems that create non drain the battery, drive retentiveness leaks, or tiresome downwardly amongst time.

Style in addition to approach
The majority follows a tutorial-based approach to convey the reader from the basic fundamentals of debugging to advanced performance-improvement concepts.