Android For The Beaglebone Black

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Design as well as implement Android apps that interface alongside your ain custom hardware circuits as well as the BeagleBone Black

Android for the BeagleBone BlackDesign as well as implement Android apps that interface alongside your ain custom hardware circuits an Android for the BeagleBone Black

About This Book

  • Design custom apps that interact alongside the exterior footing via BeagleBone Black
  • Modify Android to recognize, configure, as well as communicate alongside sensors, LEDs, memory, as well as more
  • A step-by-step guide sum of practical Android app examples that volition attention the users to exercise Android controlled devices that volition role BeagleBone every bit hardware

Who This Book Is For
If y’all are an Android app developer who wants to experiment alongside the hardware capabilities of the BeagleBone Black platform, as well as then this mass is ideal for you. You are expected to bring basic cognition of developing Android apps simply no prior hardware sense is required.

What You Will Learn

  • Install Android on your BeagleBone Black
  • Explore the iii principal hardware interfaces of the BeagleBone Black—GPIO, SPI, as well as I2C
  • Construct circuits that interface the BeagleBone Black alongside high-speed sensors, external retentivity chips, as well as more
  • Discover the advantages as well as disadvantages of using GPIO, I2C, as well as SPI components inwards your interfacing projects
  • Modify Android to recognize as well as interface alongside your ain custom as well as epitome hardware
  • Develop multithreaded apps that communicate withdraw alongside custom circuitry

In Detail
This mass explores using the Android OS on the BeagleBone Black hardware platform as well as provides an introduction to Android’s unique approach to hardware interfacing. You’ll hold upwards walked through the procedure of installing as well as configuring Android on your BeagleBone Black, besides every bit preparing your PC evolution surroundings to exercise Android applications that withdraw interface alongside hardware devices. Several instance projects inside this mass innovate y’all to using the GPIO, SPI, as well as I2C hardware interfaces of the BeagleBone Black.

You’ll exercise Android apps that communicate withdraw alongside actual hardware components such every bit sensors, retentivity chips, switches, as well as LEDs. Step-by-step guidance through both the software as well as hardware portions of these projects is provided. Combining all of the previous projects into a unmarried projection that uses GPIO, SPI, as well as I2C together, y’all volition explore the details of creating an advanced hardware interfacing app. Finally, you’ll hold upwards provided alongside data on transitioning epitome code into code suitable for deployment on an Android-based device. With a multifariousness of instance apps that demonstrate telephone substitution hardware communication concepts, this mass volition attention y’all perish an Android hardware interfacing pro inwards no time.