Android Evolution Patterns: Best Practices For Professional Person Developers (Developer’s Library)

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“A must read for all developers that desire to induce serious Android development.”
—Justin Anderson, Freelance Android Developer

“From starting fourth dimension to finish, this majority contains a diversity of dandy tips as well as insight into the nearly of import attributes of Android design. This majority volition definitely move required reading for whatever of our hereafter Android engineers.”
—Cameron Banga, Cofounder, 9magnets, LLC

Android Development Patterns: Best Practices for Professional Developers (Developer’s Library)A must read for all developers that desire to induce serious Android evolution Android Development Patterns: Best Practices for Professional Developers (Developer's Library)

There’s a downside to Android’s amazing openness as well as versatility: it’s slowly for developers to write code that’s inefficient, unreliable, insecure, or difficult to maintain. In Android Development Patterns , company Android developer Phil Dutson helps you lot leverage Android 5.0+’s amazing ability without falling victim to those pitfalls. Dutson presents today’s nearly comprehensive gear upwards of patterns as well as procedures for edifice optimized, robust apps alongside Android 5.0+.

First, Dutson guides you lot through establishing a highly efficient evolution surroundings as well as workflow, as well as testing your app to ensure that your code plant only every bit you lot expect. Then, he walks through the modern best practices for structuring apps, using widgets as well as components, as well as working alongside views.

You larn how to construct apps that are slowly to contend as well as update, deliver accurate as well as up-to-date information without wasting precious battery power, as well as accept wages of novel hardware, such every bit Android Wear as well as Android TV. Dutson concludes past times presenting powerful strategies for optimizing your apps as well as packaging them for distribution.

Coverage includes

  • Using testing to construct to a greater extent than trustworthy, dependable, maintainable apps
  • Understanding subtle but critical differences betwixt Android as well as traditional Java programming
  • Building consistent, modern user interfaces alongside views as well as layouts
  • Leveraging the proven MVC pattern to cleanly organize logic
  • Creating rich visual experiences alongside 3D graphics, animation, as well as media
  • Simplifying capture as well as purpose of location information alongside the novel Locations API
  • Integrating optional hardware, such every bit Bluetooth, NFC, or USB
  • Building amend apps alongside Google Play Services
  • Creating Android Wear notifications as well as apps
  • Tuning as well as improving apps alongside Google Analytics
  • Designing Android TV apps for the “ten human foot view”