Android Eclipse Tips: Switch Betwixt Automatic Together With Manual Target Modes

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In Eclipse as well as ADT, y’all tin select launching your app automatically select suitable AVD/device, or manually select.

By default, a run configuration uses the automatic target trend inward social club to select an AVD/device. If your run configuration uses manual mode, as well as thus the “device chooser” is presented every fourth dimension that your application is run, thus that y’all tin select which AVD/device to use.

To prepare Run Configuration:

  • Right click your projection -> Run As -> Run Configurations…
  • or, Click the arrow (downward) beside the Play push (green arrow) on the operate past times bill of fare -> Run Configurations…
In Run Configuration Dialog, select your projection nether Android Application on the left, select Target, as well as thus select your await Deployment Target Selection Mode.