Android Application Evolution Cookbook – Instant Edition

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Over 100 recipes to assistance yous solve the well-nigh mutual problems faced past times Android Developers today

Android Application Development Cookbook – Second Edition recipes to assistance yous solve the well-nigh mutual problems faced past times Android Developers today Android Application Development Cookbook - Second Edition

About This Book

  • Find the answers to your mutual Android programming problems, from fix to security, to assistance yous deliver ameliorate applications, faster
  • Uncover the latest features of Android Marshmallow to brand your applications stand upward out
  • Get upward to speed amongst Android Studio 1.4 – the starting fourth dimension Android Studio based on the IntelliJ IDE from JetBrains

Who This Book Is For
If yous are novel to Android evolution together with desire to accept a hands-on approach to learning the framework, or if yous are an experienced developer inward demand of clear working code to solve the many challenges inward Android development, yous tin do goodness from this book. Either way, this is a resources you’ll desire to proceed at your desk for a quick reference to solve novel problems equally yous tackle to a greater extent than challenging projects.

What You Will Learn

  • Along amongst Marshmallow, acquire hands-on working amongst Google’s novel Android Studio IDE
  • Develop applications using the latest Android framework spell maintaining backward-compatibility amongst the back upward library
  • Master Android programming best practices from the recipes
  • Create exciting together with engaging applications using knowledge gained from recipes on graphics, animations, together with multimedia
  • Work through succinct steps on specifics that volition assistance yous consummate your projection faster
  • Keep your app responsive (and foreclose ANRs) amongst examples on the AsynchTask class
  • Utilize Google Speech Recognition APIs for your app.
  • Make job of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to create Push Notifications for your users
  • Get a ameliorate agreement of the Android framework through detailed explanations

In Detail
The Android OS has the largest installation base of operations of whatever operating organization inward the world; at that spot has never been a ameliorate fourth dimension to acquire Android evolution to write your ain applications, or to brand your ain contributions to the opened upward root community!

This “cookbook” volition acquire inward slow for yous to jump to a topic of involvement together with acquire what yous demand to implement the characteristic inward your ain application. If yous are novel to Android together with acquire best past times “doing,” therefore this mass volition render many topics of interest.

Starting amongst the basics of Android development, nosotros motion on to to a greater extent than advanced concepts, together with we’ll take away yous through mutual tasks developers scrap to solve. The starting fourth dimension few chapters embrace the basics including Activities, Layouts, Widgets, together with the Menu. From there, nosotros embrace fragments together with information storage (including SQLite), device sensors, the camera, together with GPS. Then nosotros motion on to a greater extent than advanced topics such equally graphics together with animation (including OpenGL), multi-threading amongst AsyncTask, together with Internet functionality amongst Volley. We’ll too demonstrate Google Maps together with Google Cloud Messaging (also known equally Push Notifications) using the Google API Library.

Finally, we’ll accept a await at several online services designed peculiarly for Android development. Take your application big-time amongst total Internet spider web services without having to popular off a server admin past times leveraging the ability of Backend equally a Service (BaaS) providers.

Style together with approach
This mass progresses from the fundamentals of Android Development to to a greater extent than advanced concepts, amongst recipes to solve the well-nigh mutual problems faced past times developers. This cookbook makes it slow to jump to specific topics of interest, where you’ll discovery uncomplicated steps to implement the solution together with acquire a clear explanation of how it works.